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Why Opt For Divorce?

Divorce happens when a marriage breaks down legally.It is a painful,traumatizing and even sometimes stigmatizing experience.It comes with shattering effects on the victims’ social and economic status.The rate at which divorce cases is taking place in the world over is alarming. Not many people who were once happily married will opt for this option due to its dire consequences.However,many marriages end as a result of unceasing abuse,neglect,addiction,diminished and incompatible goals as well as immoral behaviors of a single or both the spouses.But is this step really the best choice for you?

No doubt,divorce is a sad tale in one’s life.Although,it may be justified to happen in favor of one or both the parties concerned if things goes awry in the union.Nobody imagines of getting married with the aim of being divorced later in life.The single thing that comes right into your mind when you propose or are proposed for marriage is happiness and being always there for each other forever and ever.However sadly,there are always problems that confront even the most loving partners.But don’t forget that there are solutions to every problem including divorce when the forces in a marriage are beyond control.

Divorce may be necessary due to a number of reasons.First of all,continued physical,sexual,verbal or emotional abuse can act as a clear indication of splitting the bond of marriage.The physical abuse may include such acts as punching,slapping,burning,threatening one with a gun or any other sharp object like a knife,and pushing one another onto a wall.Physical torture leaves a partner with serious injuries and can even lead to death especially if its chronic abuse.Also,sexual abuse may happen in a relationship of married couples.This includes forcing the partner to engage in sex intercourse,an act he/she does not want or is not comfortable with at a particular time within an inappropriate situation.If even you are showering your love and patience but taken for granted again and again,will you like to remain in such an abusive union?

Additionally,emotional abuse can lead to a dissolution of marriage especially if it happens consistently.The partner does something that embarasses or ridicules the other like telling her that you are too wet,you are lazy or you are ugly.He/she feels threatened when he/she becomes successful.They manipulate each other with lies.No matter how much you try,you may not easily change a person.Many people especially women tend to be patient despite the abuses,hoping that one the husband may change his abuse behavior.But if this persists will you continue to stay?

Apart from physical assault,divorce can be the right decision on grounds of infidelity or cheating.A cheater becomes a cheater.One spouse becomes a sexual adventurer.He/she is unapologetic in his/her unfaithful to acts.For instance,a man may get involved in sexual affairs with women outside marriage;extra-marital affairs.A woman may too have extra-marital acts with other men outside the wedlock.These acts becomes open and one or both the partners may not be remorseful or apologetic.This breeds ground for a possible legal split.

Furthermore,substance abuse and addiction increases the likelihood of a divorce.The alcohol addict and drug abuser gives you no more attention but instead relies heavily over the addictions.The porn addict takes advantage of your situation and abuses you sexually.One may opt for acts of bestiality and masturbation with no humane consideration for your emotional as well as sexual satisfaction.Such kind of a relationship results into emotional,psychological,and physical trauma.

Just in case you are in a relationship that you feel you are forcing yourself to adjust into or like and even after all the efforts have not come to fruition,it might be the right moment to part ways.Also,if your spouse becomes an individual that you no longer admire,hate and all the requirements to bring back the union backfires,then you might consider opting out.In addition,if you are already divorced emotionally and all strategies to rekindle love have not worked or you are always fighting and continuously having problems with your spouse and counseling has not positive impact,then quit for the better.

If you find yourself in such situations,then divorce becomes a necessity.You need to move out as soon as possible before the situation worsens.There is no need to stay put when your reputation is going to the dogs.Don’t allow yourself to be humiliated,assaulted,insulted,handled as an object,and taken for granted.Such an abusive and inhumane person does not love you.No matter your beliefs and aspirations in life with that person,you should know that life is precious to be easily wasted.Move to regain your self-worth and return your life into its normalcy.

Nevertheless,there are exceptional instances particularly if your partner realizes his/her own misdeeds,repents,and promises to refrain from such acts.Use your judgement well to ensure the person is actually aware of his/her actions,feels remorseful and apologizes.You can as well seek professional help to be quite sure that the person is fully conscious and ready to change for the common good of you all.It gives you a good chance to reconsider your earlier option of quitting the marriage.

Everyone needs happiness and emotional fulfillment in marriage.Both parties involved therefore ought to seek for joy and love into the union.Opting for a legal dissolution of the marriage when its in the thorns and thistles cannot be the right decision for many.It is difficult decision that depends on a number of factors fro every couple as there are no two or more marriages that are in resemblance.

A divorce is necessary if all the other means available in restoring the relationship have failed.It should therefore come after comprehensive and informed assessment,analysis and management of your marriage.Go ahead and seek the help of your trusted friends,family members and qualified marriage counselor before considering divorce as the final and right choice.



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