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Things You Should Know About Brain Development in Children

The human body is the complicated machine in the world that has multiple mechanisms that are not even clear to the most experienced doctors. Among all the complicated mechanisms in the human body, the brain is believed to be the most complicated one and that is why the process of brain development is worth watching.

In the opinion of the most experienced doctors from all over the world, the process of brain development starts immediately after the mother conceives the fetus. The Brain Development in Children has been the most important part of their life as they capitalize on it till the last moments of their life. The process of brain development begins before birth and it never ends. It continues till a man lives.

However, it is true that the brain development in children is the fastest one and it slows down with in increasing age. The increasing age reduces the flexibility of the human brain and that is why the process of learning gets slowed down. As a matter of fact, the brain is the store house of all sorts of experiences, information, and memories. The brain of the child is flexible by nature and that is why it can think better and faster. Due to this, the child finds it easy to remember many things that is understands, identifies, or learns by heart. The process of brain development is a never-ending by nature and it helps the human beings throughout their life. The development of brain in humans takes place in two phases. Firstly, it starts in the prenatal stage where the child starts grabbing everything that comes his way.

At this stage, the child is a fast learner as the brain development in children is better and smoother. The child starts listening to many things while inside the womb of the mother. The second phase of the brain development in children starts immediately after he is born. This is the stage of practical learning and this stage is called post-natal stage. He starts reacting to the human actions in this stage itself. The child memory is plastic by nature and its flexibility helps the child to learn things as well as keep them in memory for a longer period. This part of the human life gathers more information than it does in the remaining part of the life.

The grasping as well as understanding of the information starts reducing as the age of the keeps on adding. It is at its least stage in the old age. In the opinion of the psychologists and psychiatrists, the excess plasticity of the child brain can be both good and bad and it can yield results accordingly. If the child stays in good company then he can learn good things but if his company is not good then the outcome of his learning can never be good and fruitful. That can lead him towards destruction en the end. For better and positive outcomes of learning, the child should be kept in good companionship where he could learn good things that can help him to lead a good life later on.


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