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Some Etiquettes to Remember when Party-Planning

More than anything else, the one thing that kids all over the world look forward to is their birthday party. It’s that time of the year when they can invite their friends (and perhaps some classmates) to come over the house and eat treats and play games.


As you organize your kids’ birthday party, the excitement can make you forget some etiquettes as the host of the event. Here are a few important factors you can consider to make the planning fun instead of being too stressful:


The Invitations


There are parents who start creating invitations without talking to their child first. Although you’re doing the planning, what your kid wants also matters. So make sure you have a chat with him first before making and sending out the invites. Ask him about whom he’d like to be around during the party. Be sure to make allowances for your family members and close friends.


Kids are usually accompanied by their parent/s, so make sure your invitation is good for two or three persons. You have to consider this as well when preparing for the food to be served.


It is also important that you send the invitations early enough to allow time for your invited guests to make their plans and fix their schedule if need be. Sending out the invitations two weeks before the bash is the ideal.




We all know that kids enjoy opening gifts right during the party. In fact, it’s something kids can’t wait to do. Some children even wish that the party was over just so they can start opening their birthday presents. You can start teaching your child important values during this time. Tell him not to forget thanking the giver every time he unwraps a gift, even he if he doesn’t like the gift at all. Don’t make the gift-opening a drawn-out affair. You don’t want your guests starting to feel bored because your child’s spending a lot of time opening his presents. Help him out with the opening if he’s stuck with something.


Party Favors


Based on the invitations you’ll be sending out, you also have to make sure that every single kid that will attend your child’s party gets a bag of goodies (if party favors are covered by your budget). If you want to give out different party favors depending on the age of the kids, label the bags so you give each bag to the right child.


Other Considerations


No party is ever perfect. Even if we don’t want it, there are certain unexpected things, big or small, that can happen during the event. This underscores the importance of anticipating and planning for such eventualities. Always have a plan B, even a plan C, for everything, from the amount of food you’ll serve to someone getting hurt during the bash. You just don’t know what situations can pop up that can put a damper on the entire event. But if you have backup plans, you can deal with such situations in a much more organized way.


Take heed of these tips so you can be an excellent host during your kid’s birthday bash (for party ideas, go



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