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Oppositional Defiant Disorder and 5 Underutilized Parenting Solutions

Poor parenting style often foster the development of Oppositional Defiant Disorder or more commonly known as ODD. Parents who are authoritative, verbal or forceful will merely instill fear and temporary obedience in children.

Parents to Self-Reflect

Ask yourself:

  • ‘If you want your child to willingly obey you?’
  • ‘Do you want to build a mutual respect relationship?’
  • ‘Are you willing to spend some time and think over your parenting style?’
  • ‘What is the future of a well-behaved vs. misbehaved child?’
  • ‘Are you willing to adopt logical approach to effective parenting?’

Any parent would have a logical answer to these questions and that we all want the best for our children. There’s no short-cut to parenting but by adopting the underutilized logical parenting recommendation below, you will open your door towards achieving happy children and manage our Oppositional Defiant Disorder child or Improve Children Behavior effectively.

1. Sincere Respect

Very often parents feel that they are superior over their children and deserve respect by default. Think again. Respect is to be earned and achieve. If you sincerely respect your children, they will respect you in return. This also means, you need to be polite and well-mannered to your child as your child is towards you.

2. Reasoning

Growing children are learning children. They need to understand the reasons for do’s or more particularly the don’ts. Take time and patience to explain why it is not alright to eat with dirty hands, play with sharp objects or go to bed when it is time. It usually takes little effort, logical thinking and little sacrifice from watching Ellen Degeneres. Children are less likely to be defiant if they understand the reasons.

3. Set Good Examples

As an adult and someone your child look up to, you have great reference and influential power to your child. It is common for children of politicians become politicians, children of doctors become doctors and children of celebrities become celebrities. The trend is clearly telling us that our children will follow our foot steps, be it our intelligence or manners. So if you show temper, children will show defiance.

4. Provide Listening Ear

Very often children will have questions, difficulties or problems. They need a parent to listen to what they have to say and provide the right feedback. Should you be busy with work and brush your child may turn to your neighbor who may be giving the wrong advise. What a disaster!

5. Correct Them the Very First Time

Do you think it is easier to correct a child who is littering for the first time at the age 2 or a 7 year boy child who has been littering for 5 years!? Should a child get away with littering many times over few years, he will develop habit that he live with and think it is perfectly alright. If you walk up to that 7 year old boy and try to discipline him he would be defiant, wouldn’t he?

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