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OCD Therapy – Is There a Successful Treatment For OCD?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD is an anxiety disorder leading to repetitive, and often ritualized behaviour patterns. There are various approaches to the treatment of OCD and some of these have helped many sufferers overcome this distressing condition.

Here are a few examples of OCD rituals:

  • Repeatedly checking that a door has been locked
  • Repeating certain words to reduce anxiety
  • Checking email every few minutes
  • Excessive hand washing
  • Ensuring that items on a desk top are in a precise configuration

Doctors will often prescribe medication for sufferers and this may help reduce the severity of the condition, but some drugs have unpleasant side-effects and anyway – medication is not a cure. That involves dealing with the underlying anxiety conditions which caused the unwanted behaviour patterns to emerge in the first place.

Whatever type of therapy the OCD sufferer chooses to undergo, it is important that they do not just stop taking their medication without discussing it with their doctor first. It is often necessary to reduce drug dosage slowly before the drugs can be cut out altogether.

One treatment which has proved helpful to many people is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT. As the name implies, CBT combines both cognitive and behavioural therapy. Cognitive therapy examines how our thoughts can create our feelings and mood. Behavioural therapy focuses on the relationship between problems, behaviour and thoughts. The combination of the two approaches has been effective for many people suffering from anxiety conditions like OCD.

OCD can cause great strains in family life, so family therapy can be very useful. Other family members will be more tolerant and helpful once they understand what the OCD sufferer is going through.

Group therapy with fellow sufferers can provide much-needed emotional support. The encouragement that group members offer each other decreases feelings of isolation and this can only be beneficial.

The most important message I can give is that OCD should not be seen as an incurable condition. Many people have been successful in overcoming it.

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