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General Categories of Divorce

Most people are already familiar about divorce but in spite of its popularity, there are still other important things that people must delve deeper into in order to understand the process better and these include the general categories of divorce. Divorce comes in different forms and to give you some idea, discussed in this article are its general categories.

Litigated Divorce

This is the divorce category wherein the parties involved have to go through active court process in order to make the divorce possible. This can be considered as the traditional type of divorce and this is the option for couples who failed to agree on important matters like child custody, property settlement and support. In this type of divorce, the judge plays a major role in terms of important decision-making.

Collaborative Divorce

This category of divorce get both parties to work together in order to reach an out of court divorce settlement and it usually involves the help of various professionals as agreed upon by the couple to settle important matters. Aside from the attorney for both parties, the help of a child custody specialist and an accountant can also be sought to be able to reach an agreement. Collaborative divorce through the help of no fault divorce Philadelphia lawyers can really be a convenient and less expensive choice and its basic requirement is for the couples to agree on important matters.

Pro Se Divorce

This is the divorce category that no longer requires the help of attorneys because the parties involved are the ones who prepare the necessary documents and resolve the divorce on their own. However, even if it has some similarity with uncontested divorce online Pro Se is still different because it can lead to adversaries especially if parties ended up with wrong decisions.

Divorce is a common option that makes it possible for people to find their way out of a failed relationship but in spite of being a popular choice, it will still be important to know its different categories, assess your situation and figure out the one that can work for you best. Through the various divorce categories, you can make it possible for the best option to be availed without experiencing further difficulty.


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