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Visioning for Life

The Life Visioning Process is a spiritual practice that opens you up to “catch” the vision that has been designed for you. In a space of peace, love and leaving the judgment behind, you can experience sights, sounds, phrases, words, feeling that all have meaning. The experience begins to manifest in your life. This life visioning process reveals the Spirits idea for your life, project or business. By asking a few questions the consciousness becomes tuned in to receiving answers in all forms.

Things To Note When Getting Funeral Services Melbourne

Arranging a funeral is governed by legal laws and social responsibilities. The families have all the rights that they need to know. If one of the family members passed away, it's the responsibility of the family to prepare all the details for its funeral services. According to law, the beloved should be registered.

Connection with universal intelligence

People from different regions and religions are showing a keen interest in energy transmissions and regularly participating in the Trivedi Master Wellness programs.

Kama Sutra helps to Improve a Woman’s Body

To break it down, Kama Sutra derives from India. It has three main values from life at its core: virtue (dharma), prosperity (artha), and love (kama). Many Hindus believe that the practice of Kama sutra between two partners is considered to be the physical connection of love.