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‘Pornography Addiction’ Articles

Is Pornography “Really” Addictive? You Decide

There has been much debate about whether pornography is addictive or not. This billion dollar business is changing our society. So what is your take? Is it addictive or not? After sitting in my chair as a marriage and family therapist, I have heard too many stories from clients to not consider pornography as something…
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How to Overcome Porn Addiction

Many men turn to adult DVDs in order to relieve some physical tension. After all, most men are stimulated visually and the internet has become one of the easiest ways to facilitate this need. Unfortunately, some men find that a little bit of harmless fun can sometimes turn into an uncontrolled porn addiction. In order…
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Is Porn Addiction That Big of A Deal?

There seems to be two polarized sides in the conversation of porn addiction. The conservative side of the conversation that wants to ban all forms of nudity, and the liberal side of the equation that argues that consenting adults should be able to express themselves however they choose. But there is a middle ground in…
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