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Systematic Desensitization – How To Eliminate Phobias

Clinicians use different psychotherapies to manage anxiety disorders. Systematic desensitization is one of those therapies which have got popularity among psychologist’s community for its effectiveness in reducing anxiety disorders. Therapy is effective in reducing symptoms of panic disorder and post traumatic stress disorder. Primarily, therapy has gained popularity through its remarkable effects on reduction of…
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Phobias – What They Are and What You Can Do About Them

Phobias are when someone has an irrational fear of a specific situation, object or activity. Examples are; fear of driving, fear of snakes, fear of public speaking, performance anxiety and stage fright. Sufferers recognize that their fear is out of proportion to any actual danger but are unable to control it or even explain it….
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Phobia Types – Every Fear Imaginable

There are phobia types for every occasion. You name it, and there’s a phobia for it. However, we’ll be concentrating on ten different types in this article. The names are all tongue twisters, so I’m glad I’m writing this and not having to speak the names, otherwise I might suffer from our first phobia, Glossophobia,…
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