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‘Attention Deficit Disorder’ Articles

Smoothing School Transitions for ADHD Children

All children are not alike. God gives special abilities to each of them. They are all talented in their own ways; the only thing that distinguishes them is the vision of people, their perspective towards them. Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder face problems in understanding the subjects being taught to them in the class, or to rephrase the sentence they take more time as compared to other kids in analyzing the things they learn in the class.

Natural Remedies For Children With ADHD Symptoms Without The Use Of Stimulant Medication

If you're looking for natural remedies or alternative treatment for Children with ADHD, then try these scientifically proven computer games to tackle the ADHD symptoms of hyperactivity, impulsivity, irritability, and inattention by improving working memory of your AHHD child without the use of stimulant medication. EXPRESS FOCUS is based on scientifically proven and published methods of improving ADHD symptoms and was created by doctors from Harvard Medical School.

Breathing Techniques For Improving Stress And Cognitive Function For ADHD

Suffering from headaches, problem concentrating, anxiety? Try out this effective and simple breathing exercise in 4 easy steps. This can be an effective method for regular folks and those who are suffering from ADHD/ Learning disability. Anyone who wants to improve their stressful lifestyle and learning abilities should try this out.

1 in 10 diagnosed with adhd

It is very possible that we see many children every day that have symptoms of ADD or ADHD. In some instances, the disease may be fully manifested and in other instances, it may be dormant, until such time that a reaction, either natural or chemical awakens its dreaded consequences. This disease continues to baffle the smartest minds. It continues to be misunderstood and hence mistreated. For parents, it is frightening and confusing and causes many to ask the question: Why my child?

The Power to Make Things Better

One of the more difficult things for people to do in general and for schools to do in particular is to depart from accustomed ways of doing business. For example, an average classroom is usually filled with desks, one for each student, teacher's desk and chair, other chairs and an assortment of other objects. One can hardly move around a classroom without having to carefully navigate between the wall to wall objects. If students are allowed to move and learn ADD/ADHD students may be helped.